What the manufacture of the Second World War’s most sophisticated bomber says about business strategy

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was vastly more complex than aircraft that came before. Getting it into production required not only a plan, but a whole new way of thinking.  
Companies get sick too

Companies get sick too

In a crisis it’s not enough to have a plan — you need to know how to execute it as well

Top ten strategy implementation questions you need to ask yourself

STRATEGY EXECUTION MANAGEMENT: Top ten strategy implementation questions you need to ask yourself

What is Alignment and How to Achieve it?

ALIGNMENT Alignment (a position of agreement or alliance) occurs when the whole organization works toward a common goal. Everyone in the organization must have a common understanding of the mission, values, vision and strategy. In addition, employees must be able to align their job functions and personal goals with the organizational goals and stra...

Strategic Frameworks

Before diving into the strategic frameworks I’d like to share a little story as all the new tools for formulating an organizational strategy remind us of the Bible story about the Tower of Babel:

Implementing Your Corporate Strategy Successfully

  One of our most basic reasons for offering a tracking system like DecideAct is that strategy can get lost in implementation.  What do we mean by that?  Let’s have a look: GETTING LOST IN IMPLEMENTATION Research shows that leadership groups struggle when implementing strategy.  According to Fortune Magazine, nine out of ten organizations fail to i...

Strategy Execution Challenges, Company Lifecycles, and Asking the Right Questions

As a profession, There are many modes of thought in developing and executing strategic plans. Some planners include all ongoing or “keep the lights on” activities in the plan along with continuous improvement initiatives. But Brightline’s research tells us that up to 80% of strategic initiatives don’t meet expectations. This is one of the reasons f...

Modernizing Strategic Leadership through technology

The approach to strategy implementation in the executive suite and boardrooms is old-fashioned, manual, and not tangible. The time has come to end years of stagnation in the executive suite and modernize strategic leadership. The fact is that every minute, three million dollars is wasted in failed strategy implementation. Many leaders are great at ...

Strategic Corporate Governance

Corporate governance balances the interests of a company's many stakeholders with those of the community in a responsible manner.

The End of Strategy in Business Ecosystems? Quite the Opposite!

When Tom Peters, at the end of the 1970s, announced that we should move beyond the matrix organization to match accelerating business environments, he was a real visionary. It was not until much more recently that we hear about the death of competition by emerging ecosystems (James Moore), or how we should bust the bureaucracy for more agile ways o...

The Man with a Plan to Financially Include 100 Million People

Jacob Tackmann Thomsen, pioneer in online data security with 25 years’ experience in payments fraud detection, is on a journey to give every human being access to the financial system. For free.

The Strategy Revolution

Two experts in the strategic management field, Bjarni Jonsson and Flemming Videriksen, grew weary of seeing one leadership team after another throw millions out the window by not implementing the great plans they had made. This seemed to be more or less normal procedure. Jonsson and Videriksen founded DecideAct and developed enterprise software for...

Only 1/3 of Companies Worldwide Execute their Strategy Successfully

For decades the emphasis has been on creating the “right” strategy! However, when it is time to execute the “right” strategy, all the energy has been drained and daily operations demand all available resources.

Six Strategy Implementation Trends in 2020


What are KPIs and Should You Use Them?

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIS) As a leader, most likely you have come across the term Key Performance Indicator, or KPI.  However, it might not be clear what a KPI really is, why it is important and how it could be crafted to provide the right insight.  As with other well-known concepts in management and strategy, there is sometimes ambiguity as...