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    The 10 Commandments of Execution

    Strange as it may seem, but more attention has often been placed on the subject of developing a strategy, strategic analysis and planning, rather than actually how to bring these brilliant strategies to life. It’s a bit like creating a detailed and...

    What’s a Weighted Decision Matrix?

    It’s a great starting point for making decisions and prioritizing projects! When there are too many options that all seem essential, this tool can help you focus on what’s objectively the best solution.

    Strategy Planning vs. Strategy Execution Meetings

    Planning, governance, and follow-up are key to ensuring the effective and successful implementation and execution of strategy and a well-designed meeting structure is essential to maintain the momentum to achieve goals. At DecideAct, we distinguish...

    Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

    Antiquated methods of top-down management are existing on borrowed time. The new leader liberates their team to make decisions independently, with well-calculated risks. Mistakes will happen, but a light hand at the helm gives the team a chance to...

    Transparency in business: 5 ways to achieve it

    As an entrepreneur in 2022, you’re held to a higher standard than ever before. The modern customer is better-informed; platforms like social media, discussion forums, and review sites make business transparency crucial to success.