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    8 Tips for Successfully Executing a Strategy

    Strategies come in endless variations, that is their beauty, fascination and vast potential. It can also be their complication. Strategies are crucial to all facets of business and target things such as launching a new product, recruiting best...

    What’s a Weighted Decision Matrix?

    It’s a great starting point for making decisions and prioritizing projects! When there are too many options that all seem essential, this tool can help you focus on what’s objectively the best solution.

    Strategy Planning vs. Strategy Execution Meetings

    Planning, governance, and follow-up are key to ensuring the effective and successful implementation and execution of strategy and a well-designed meeting structure is essential to maintain the momentum to achieve goals. At DecideAct, we distinguish...

    Transparency in business: 5 ways to achieve it

    As an entrepreneur in 2022, you’re held to a higher standard than ever before. The modern customer is better-informed; platforms like social media, discussion forums, and review sites make business transparency crucial to success. 

    The Strategy Revolution

    Two experts in the strategic management field, Bjarni Jonsson and Flemming Videriksen, grew weary of seeing one leadership team after another throw millions out the window by not implementing the great plans they had made. This seemed to be more or...