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Flemming Videriksen


One of the world's leading experts in Strategy Execution Management and CEO & co-founder of DecideAct, a groundbreaking SaaS solution that moves old-school manual strategy execution to a modern digital platform. Working with strategy design, implementation, and cultural change for nearly three decades in organizations worldwide, Flemming has been a trusted strategic advisor and executive coach for top global business and organization leaders. Flemming is committed to modernizing strategic leadership with the help of technology. With this professional emphasis, he has spent the past ten years mapping how to create the optimal infrastructure for successful strategy implementation, and he is the author and co-author of several excellent books and publications on the subject.

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What gets measured gets done! The power of KPIs

What gets measured gets done! It's a simple truth that's common knowledge. That's why careful action, consistency, and transparency in measuring and communicating progress are all vital to successful Strategy Execution Management. Measurements drive the right actions, which in turn drive the necessary changes. It’s therefore crucial that KPIs be formulated correctly.

Out with the old Strategy Execution, in with the new!

Why use an outdated paper map to navigate strategically when you could just as easily use an up-to-date GPS?

Despite the availability of modern digital tools for strategy execution, many companies are reluctant to use them. This is surprising, considering how difficult it is for both public and private organizations to implement and execute their strategic priorities. In this article, I dive a little deeper into why the old approach isn't producing the desired results, why it's an ever-growing problem, and how technology can solve it.

Strategy VS Tactics: Differences and Similarities

You often hear of making a “tactical decision" to change a situation for the better—or to prevent something from happening. However, tactics cannot stand alone but are always linked to an overall strategy. So, what’s the difference between a strategy and a tactic? Read on…

Key Performance Indicator Examples

In an earlier post, we showed how what gets measured gets done! But which Key Performance Indicators would be most useful for your organization? Stakeholders who aren’t involved in the day-to-day operations of the company need information that’s a balance between overview and detail.

Low Cost, Best product, or Customer Intimacy for Strategy Growth?

Formulating a strategy is about insight, direction, and the right solution. According to the greatest pioneers in strategy development research, there are three generic strategies for maintaining a competitive position in the market. The three aren’t mutually exclusive, but a serious strategic effort will prioritize one over the other two.