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DecideAct chosen to assist with strategy formulation and management

University of Akureyri

DecideAct has closed a contract with UNAK (The University of Akureyri)—a full-fledged university with programs at all levels of university studies. The University, which plays a key role in promoting university education, research, development, and innovation in Iceland, will use DecideAct’s digital infrastructure to support the execution of UNAKs new five-year strategy. It is DecideAct’s third deal in the education sector.

“UNAK is now renewing its five-year strategy and wishes to place specific emphasis on the execution of the strategy.  With this in mind, we found the deployment of the DecideAct strategy infrastructure an interesting and desirable option,” says Holmar Erlu Svansson, COO of UNAK.

CSO and Co-founder of DecideAct, Bjarni Snæbjörn Jonsson states: “We are looking forward to supporting UNAK with their strategy work and execution, and I expect we will build on the experience we have with other similar cases in this area, although of course, each case is unique.”

The University of Akureyri is a learning and academic community which actively participates in international and domestic scientific communities. The University plays a key role in promoting university education, research, development, and innovation in Iceland.

UNAK was founded in 1987 with studies offered in two faculties: Health Science and Industrial Management.  Currently, the University offers programs in social sciences, media studies, nursing, occupational therapy, teacher training, biotechnology, law, police science, modern studies, psychology, fishery studies, computer science, and business administration. Furthermore, graduate programs are offered in the health sciences, education, social sciences, psychology, business administration, and resource studies.

As of the 2019 spring semester, UNAK became a full-fledged university with programs at all levels of university studies when it was given permission to offer doctoral studies.

UNAKs official website: https://www.unak.is/english

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