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Strategy expert and Resultpartner founder Lars Møller joins DecideAct

Lars Moller

Lars Møller, who has worked with strategy execution in more than 25 countries, has joined the Danish software company DecideAct as a Strategy Execution Expert and partner. As a strategy expert, he has achieved excellent results for companies such as SAS Cargo, Alm. Brand, ConvaTec, Nykredit, and BASF.

Møller has run the consulting company Resultpartner for the past 11 years, where he specialized in making strategies operational and executable for larger organizations. By partnering with the Strategy Execution Management software company DecideAct, he will contribute his enormous experience in making strategy walk the talk—with actions leading to concrete results. It is exactly this results-oriented approach that is Møller's motivation for taking the step over to the software industry.

"Through my work with strategy execution for my own clients, I have in-depth knowledge of many of the digital systems on the market, including DecideAct," says Møller. “I am convinced that the company’s strategic leadership is on the threshold of a technology-driven transformation, where digital opportunities will be utilized to a much greater extent. I would like to be a part of that development.”

He adds: “My experience is that software solution providers generally do not sufficiently help their clients learn how to use their product and take full advantage of its features. There is a vast difference in success rates between those who just buy a software subscription and those who receive proper help to implement the system and get off to a good start. The latter are going to love the digital tool and get amazing results. Here, DecideAct differs significantly from its competitors, and I see it as my task to make that difference even clearer for our clients.”

In Møller’s opinion, DecideAct is the software solution provider that best knows how to create a bridge from the conventional analog approach to strategy management to the modern, digital mindset. “Being able to create that bridge requires both an excellent technical platform and a deep insight into what it means to work with strategy in a company. DecideAct has both,” he concludes.

Lars Møller began his career as a leader in the plastics industry, after which he joined (and later became a partner in) the consulting house Promentor. In 2002, he started his own consulting business, the forerunner of Resultpartner. He is also an external associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark's cand.merc. degree and Niels Brock's MBA degree. He is the author of the book Strategy Execution, which has also been translated into Danish.

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