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Bjarne Kastberg


Bjarne has been in the strategy field for more than 30 years. He has written a lot of children books and also business related books. As a strategy execution specialist, Bjarne has consulted in a lot of companies and help them get their strategy to the next level.

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Desired State: Where do we want to go?

In all goal-setting, describing your desired state—where you want to end up—is actually the first step. Make your dream real in your mind’s eye and the path to it becomes clearer.

Three things to do before you create a strategy

Mission, values, and vision are not only essential to your organization's growth, but they are also preconditions to create a strategy and making your strategic plan. They must be in place before you start on your strategic process.

Lead your Organization to Optimum Success

Organizations are living organisms that have their own collective mindset and capabilities. To achieve your organization's optimum success, keep reading.

What Is Strategic Alignment?

Strategic alignment is the assurance that the whole organization is working toward a common goal—the vision!

What is Organizational Alignment and How to Achieve it?


Organizational alignment (a position of agreement or alliance) occurs when the whole organization works toward a common goal. Everyone in the organization must have a common understanding of the mission, values, vision and strategy. In addition, employees must be able to align their job functions and personal goals with the organizational goals and strategy.