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Former Gartner profile to lead DecideAct’s sales efforts in France


DecideAct now puts extra effort and investment into succeeding with sales and growth in France. To lead the sales efforts on the French market DecideAct has engaged Mathieu Psalmon, former Client Director at Gartner.

DecideAct spent the second half of 2020 investigating the possibilities on the French market and has already built a significant sales pipeline. It is clear that time is right for entry into the French market. The software company has already had promising dialog with potential customers and partners in France. The focus in 2021 will be to introduce DecideAct to the right market segments there.

CEO and co-founder of DecideAct, Flemming Videriksen, is convinced that DecideAct has found the perfect sales expert in Mathieu Psalmon to fulfill the company’s sales ambitions in what he considers to be a substantial and important market.

He states: “During Mathieu’s ten years with the worldwide IT consulting firm Gartner, he created and led sales teams—internal and external—advising C-level executives at some of the biggest companies in France with Gartner’s business insights and customized tools for success. DecideAct has big ambitions on the French market, and Mathieu is ideally suited to making DecideAct the household name in Strategy Execution Management in France.”

Videriksen continues: “We are happy to welcome our new Head of Business Development in France and a valuable asset to our sales organization in general.”

Mathieu Psalmon looks forward to building a customer base and partnerships for DecideAct in the French market. He states: “My experience from Gartner tells that taking the right strategic decisions for C-level is a challenge, and implementing them with the right pace, focus and expected outcomes makes the challenge even bigger. Now we have the digital capabilities, and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to support customers with a platform that helps them drive engagement, transparency and governance making strategy walk the talk.”

He continues: “Our go-to-market-strategy in France is straight forward. We will be focusing on medium-sized companies (about 5,400 companies with an annual turnover between 40 million and 2 billion Euros) and 243 large accounts (2 billion +) and in addition to that private equity firms focusing on buildups and business turnaround. I am confident that my sales process experience from Gartner will help us perform well.”

Mathieu Psalmon has 25 years of experience from, among others, Gartner, CGI, Microsoft and Toshiba where he developed a C-level network and business through partnerships.

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