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DecideAct enters a partnership with Beyond Advisors


The two Danish companies, consultancy Beyond Advisors and software company DecideAct, are now collaborating to strengthen the impact of corporate strategy efforts.

Beyond Advisors is a Nordic powerhouse in business consulting, offering a powerful alternative to the standard consulting model by tailoring engagement and solutions to the client's specific opportunities and challenges. With a solid experience base from top-tier management consultancy, Beyond Advisors' ambition is to change the way business advice is delivered from the inside.

DecideAct is a cloud-based platform for managing strategy execution and governance that makes business strategy fulfillment as tangible, transparent, and quantifiable as tracking financial performance. 

Jacob Thuren Falkenham, CEO and Founder at Beyond Advisors, sees a good match between DecideAct's digital platform for strategy execution and Beyond Advisors' approach to strategic consulting. He states: "A strategy is only good if it can be executed, and when we work on a strategy for a client, we always do it with implementation in mind. With DecideAct's digital platform, we can further help our clients create the desired impact. The tool is very flexible and supports our approach of creating unique solutions based on each customer's needs."

Mark Holst-Mikkelsen, Head of Expertise & Partnerships, is convinced that the partnership will add an extra dimension to an already strong concept. He said: "Beyond Advisors are advocates for setting the direction and leveraging the power of technology to create operational resilience and business continuity. This is exactly what a digital platform like ours is built for, and I look forward to some good and fruitful collaborations for the benefit of our customers."

Beyond Advisors' customer portfolio consists of approx. 50% Danish and 50% international customers - about half of them within financial services, an area where DecideAct already has several good references.

Beyond Advisors’ company website: https://www.beyond-advisors.co 

DecideActs company website: https://www.decideact.net

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