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Strategic Frameworks

Before diving into the strategic frameworks I’d like to share a little story as all the new tools for formulating an organizational strategy remind us of the Bible story about the Tower of Babel:

Implementing Your Corporate Strategy Successfully

  One of our most basic reasons for offering a tracking system like DecideAct is that strategy can get lost in implementation.  What do we mean by that?  Let’s have a look: GETTING LOST IN IMPLEMENTATION Research shows that leadership groups struggle when implementing strategy.  According to Fortune Magazine, nine out of ten organizations fail to i...

What are KPIs and Should You Use Them?

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIS) As a leader, most likely you have come across the term Key Performance Indicator, or KPI.  However, it might not be clear what a KPI really is, why it is important and how it could be crafted to provide the right insight.  As with other well-known concepts in management and strategy, there is sometimes ambiguity as...

Agile Strategy Implementation -Best Practices

AGILE STRATEGY In our previous blog about strategy getting lost in implementation, we stressed that the strategy process must be a conscious and cohesive one, with measurable results.  The challenge is to align the strategy—the what and why—with the implementation—the when, how, and who.  These elements are not interchangeable, and must be worked i...