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Partnership between Danish DecideAct and London-based Digitopia


The Strategy Execution software company DecideAct enters a strategic partnership with the London-based digital maturity consultancy Digitopia, which will use DecideAct's platform to support the effective and efficient execution of the change processes it initiates with clients. The collaboration is initially focusing on Turkey and the Middle East.

Digitopia is a leading digital maturity consultancy headquartered in London with a business focus on Turkey and the Middle East. The company offers independent expertise and advice in digital transformation and sustainability and has transformed the way consultancy is delivered with its Digital Maturity Index Platform. The client list includes large international corporations such as Bridgestone, Carlsberg, Vodafone, Unilever, DHL, and Microsoft.

Digitopia will use DecideAct's digital platform to monitor and follow up on the transformation processes carried out in collaboration with clients. The CEO of Digitopia, Halil Aksu, who has worked for 12 years in the research and consulting company Gartner, has high expectations for using the platform. He says that DecideAct's SaaS solution precisely meets the need to properly follow such processes through and ensure that they generate the desired results.

Halil Aksu says: "Most companies are aware that the possibility of development, growth, and, in the long term, survival is closely linked to the ability to transform. Today you can equate transformation with digitalization and sustainability. The way we work involves identifying and measuring companies' maturity in relation to this transformation process and providing a roadmap for it. Such a roadmap is in effect a strategy, and its success depends on the ability to execute it. Therefore, it needs to be health-checked, measured, and adjusted along the way to be steered safely to its goal. That's exactly what you can do with DecideAct's platform, so it beautifully complements our digital product portfolio."

CEO and co-founder of DecideAct, Flemming Videriksen is happy and proud of the collaboration with Digitopia, which he expects a lot from, and he elaborates, "Digitopia is a company that is in a rapid development because they have cracked the code in relation to the change challenges companies are facing right now. They bring light into the darkness of business, simplify the complex, and create real business impact. Moreover, they are good people who also have a serious sustainability agenda - both in business terms and in a wider global perspective. We look forward to helping support even more effective and rewarding execution of the associated change processes."

Digitopia’s company website: https://digitopia.co

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