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Iceland State Electricity renews contract with DecideAct

Iceland's state electricity company (Rarik Ltd.) has just renewed its contract with DecideAct. On Monday, September 4, DecideAct announced a contract renewal with another Icelandic customer, the University of Akureyri (UNAK). The collaboration is now entering a new phase for both customers, building on the results already achieved.

The new contract with Rarik Ltd. comes after DecideAct has worked with the state-owned power company for about two years, providing expertise and software. The aim of the new contract is to help implement the necessary structural changes and leverage the opportunities that come with it to develop and modernize operations to realize the organization's full potential through successful strategy execution.

RARIK Ltd., owned by the Icelandic State, was established in 2006 when the company took over the management of The State Electric Power Works with the main objective of providing sufficient electrical energy to the public and industry in a cost-effective manner. The company plays an important role in procuring, distributing, and selling electric energy. The history of the State Electric Power Works dates to 1946.

Rarik ohf. official website: https://www.rarik.is/english

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