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DecideAct and Influenter partner to power up public sector execution

Never have so many reforms, laws, and local government strategies and plans been adopted. For society to reap the full benefits of policy reforms and strategies that address major societal challenges, the capacity of the public sector to implement and execute must be strengthened. That is why DecideAct A/S and Influenter A/S are now collaborating to digitize execution. This will create a better overview and management, less resource consumption for follow-up, and ensure that strategies and initiatives that are about to go off track can be corrected in time. The benefits are better citizen service, a more agile public administration, tax savings, and, not least, greater satisfaction among public employees.

More than ever, public sector leaders need to ensure the effective execution of strategies and policies. Mega-agendas such as globalization, digitalization, rural/urban, climate, welfare, health, and demographic change are having a significant impact on the direction and goals of many policies - and must be managed with fewer resources, economic pressures, and severe labor shortages. Due to new and unforeseen events and conditions, circumstances also change along the way.

Navigating such a reality requires more effective strategic management tools. There is no time or money for inadequate advice and failed strategic projects – as the state, regions, and municipalities have to limit the use of consultants. In many public organizations, monitoring and management is done manually, with long intervals and "red, yellow, and green" status markings. This does not provide the public manager with the best management conditions. In addition, it is very labor-intensive for managers and staff who have to report.

That's why Influenter A/S and DecideAct have partnered to support the public sector's execution of policy strategies, plans, and decisions - simply and effectively - and maximize the value of the public investment and tax spending.

Influenter A/S advises companies in sales to the public sector and has an in-depth knowledge of the public sector's professional, financial, and management challenges - also in relation to effective execution. DecideAct has developed a digital management tool for strategy execution that provides managers with an overview and engages employees in driving execution through the actions that lead to the achievement of common goals.

Together, the two companies represent competencies that are key to optimizing public strategy roll-out and strengthening implementation capacity nationally and internationally. The aim is for the management tool to be used by even more government organizations, regions, municipalities, and utilities.

Trust, participation, and local decision-making are important values in the public sector, together with a strong focus on the core task and the citizen. This is supported by DecideAct's digital platform, as it allows for continuous monitoring of the municipal execution of major strategies, plans, and agreements. In short, DecideAct is a cloud-based solution where all individual tasks in political agreements, strategies, budget agreements, and plans are digitized, along with targets, deliverables, and deadlines. Those responsible for each initiative self-report the status into the system, and everyone - both management and staff - can follow the progress in real-time.

"We need to give room for trust and commitment from the many talented public employees. With the technology from DecideAct, municipalities and other public organizations can once and for all get a grip on the complexity of strategy work, ensure political and strategic governance and, not least, make a difference and serve citizens in the best possible way," points out Flemming Videriksen, CEO and co-founder of DecideAct.

"There is a great need to support management's execution power with digital tools. The many reforms, agreements, and strategies need to be followed through and managed. Otherwise, they will fall flat and not be implemented as politicians expect, and the results will be lacking. This is both a democratic problem and a problem for society's response to the grand challenges. From my perspective, this is the most important strategic deal our company has made and we believe the potential is enormous", says Henrik Hahn-Nissen, Special Advisor and CEO of Influenter A/S.



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