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DecideAct signs agreement with the Icelandic Climate Council

The Icelandic Climate Council and DecideAct image showing Glacier
The Icelandic Climate Council and DecideAct have entered into an agreement
to map all public measures and recommendations from the council to
monitor the development of various initiatives and progress.
The Icelandic Climate Council is an impartial and independent body whose role is to
hold authorities accountable and advise on policy goals and specific measures related
to climate change. Members of the council represent businesses, academia,
municipalities, trade unions, and environmental NGOs. The Minister of Environment
and Natural Resources appoints the Chair and Vice-Chair as well as youth
representatives to the council.

The current Icelandic Climate Council is about to end its term and a new council will be
appointed this fall. As part of the handover, a special report has been prepared
indicating the status of various recommendations from the council. As part of the
agreement with DecideAct, a formal policy document outlining the recommendations
and status will be drawn up as a starting point for the new council's future role.
"Our goal is to have an overview of government policies at all times, link them to the
council's recommendations and be able to monitor and report in an easy and
structured way the overall picture when it comes to public policy and measures. This
can lead to more widespread monitoring of actions and policies in society. We look
forward to exploring the opportunities with DecideAct in this endeavor", says Thorunn
W. Petursdottir, CEO of the Icelandic Climate Council.

"On behalf of DecideAct, I am very excited to work with the council and help them
make a difference for the environment. The project will show the potential of
connecting different stakeholders around a common goal and making plans and
progress transparent for everyone," says Hildur Magnusdottir, Head of Customer
Success at DecideAct Solutions in Iceland.

A prototype of the structure is scheduled to be ready for review by the Council in
September, which will then decide on further collaboration.


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