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DecideAct adds Promise-Based Execution, an advanced OKR tool, to its digital platform in  collaboration with Blue Note

advanced OKR - promised based execution software

DecideAct has created a powerful new OKR-based digital tool for managing strategy execution. The tool is built on a groundbreaking approach called Promise-Based Execution, which has been successfully developed and deployed by Blue Note Consultants. Several fast-growing companies have already adopted the tool, and more are on the way.

Promise-Based Execution (PBE) is a proven leadership philosophy and approach that combines strategy execution with daily business execution and individual performance management to engage people in the realization of strategic goals. It focuses on the commitments that people make to each other to achieve specific goals—based on the fact that people are more likely to follow through on their commitments when they have a personal stake in the outcome – when we make a promise.


PBE is tried and tested by numerous companies, and it has proven its value by significantly increasing the level of ownership and personal accountability for results, whilst creating alignment of goals between units for improving the collaboration around the execution of strategy. The result is a stronger execution culture founded on promises people make to each other.


DecideAct, which markets a software solution that moves manual strategy execution and follow-up to a cloud-based platform, has now added PBE to the platform as a standalone module. There are various competing systems, but DecideAct is the only one on the market that has integrated PBE. At the same time, the software company is stepping up sales through partnerships, and the collaboration with Blue Note Consultants is being further strengthened in this regard.

Claus Maron and Niels Beck, founders of Blue Note Consultants are leading experts in Strategy Execution and authors of the new book Promise-Based Execution – how to engage people in strategy execution and leverage the Power of Promises to achieve great results.


Claus Maron from Blue Note Consultants says: "The accelerating pace of change and market unpredictability demands more speed and flexibility in strategy execution. The combination of Promise-Based Execution and a system like DecideAct is a very serious bid to solve these challenges, as the use of a digital platform is a crucial prerequisite for building the necessary organizational discipline and consistent utilization of a shared execution framework like PBE.”

Flemming Videriksen, CEO and Co-founder of DecideAct adds: "Our experience with Promise-Based Execution as part of our solution is extremely positive. Customer feedback includes that it is very quick to get started and completely changes the execution culture, almost overnight. The strategic partnership is an example of how 1 + 1 can be more than 2, and that our focus on partner sales and an adaptable platform is the right approach."


DecideAct expects the collaboration with the consultancy to result in 15-20 new customers over the next 12 months. Three customers have already been landed, and five are in contract negotiations. 


Read more about Promise-Based Execution and the digital platform.

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