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DecideAct launches dedicated strategy execution software that aligns investment funds and portfolio companies around optimized collaboration and performance

Investment funds and portfolio companies often struggle to agree on mission-critical priorities such as cost-cutting measures, growth strategies, and involvement in day-to-day business. That's why DecideAct has developed a special module for its strategy execution software to address the unique challenges and priorities investors and their portfolio companies face. The new solution has been developed and tested with funds and portfolio companies during 2023.

As investors help their portfolio companies grow through strategy operationalization and excellent day-to-day management, they are typically challenged with improving their portfolio companies' ability to execute and track the results of their strategic efforts. They lack a digital benchmark of best practices for strategy execution, cost optimization, and management practices. This is exactly what DecideAct can provide with its new dedicated solution.

On the other hand, portfolio companies typically struggle to change their existing practices and processes around strategy execution to deliver profitable growth and return on investment and equity to shareholders. This requires time and effort that must be prioritized around the core business, and they lack a tool to convert their strategy documents into a quantifiable set of strategy initiatives to optimize operations and mission-critical priorities. These challenges are also solved with DecideAct's new strategy execution software.

The DecideAct software is agnostic to methodology and operationalizes strategy tracking and cost optimization through a common operating model for PE funds or an individual approach tailored to the needs of each portfolio company. With a standard governance model and strategy framework implemented in the DecideAct platform, a PE fund can quickly create synergies between portfolio companies, such as best practices, innovation, and management models, which can translate into increased ROI.

For portfolio companies, DecideAct's new software operationalizes strategy and cost optimization tracking through a single operating model for the entire company. The digital infrastructure for strategy execution provides greater agility, faster decision-making, and a collective reference point to improve learning and adaptation.

In short, DecideAct offers a solution that addresses the pain points and priorities of investment funds and portfolio companies, creating full alignment and facilitating collaboration on corporate strategy, execution, monitoring, and long-term value creation.

CEO and co-founder of DecideAct, Flemming Videriksen says: "The different desires for investor involvement in day-to-day operations and management preferences often lead to conflicts. Our new software solution builds mutual trust by aligning investors and portfolio companies for the best possible governance around day-to-day management and long-term goals. The platform identifies, prioritizes, and provides a clear roadmap of objectives and shareholder value, enabling portfolio company management to make confident decisions while keeping investors informed. DecideAct's cloud platform can turn any strategic plan into action - whether ESG, recovery, cost optimization, or other mission-critical priorities."

Read more about the new Private Equity solution here: https://www.decideact.net/private-equity

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