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Flemming Videriksen


Flemming Videriksen, CEO and co-founder of DecideAct - A SaaS solution bridging the gap between strategy design and implementation. DecideAct turns the dream of clear strategic alignment and governance into reality.

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Strategy VS Tactics: Differences and Similarities

You often hear of making a “tactical decision" to change a situation for the better—or to prevent something from happening. However, tactics cannot stand alone but are always linked to an overall strategy. So, what’s the difference between a strategy and a tactic? Read on…

Key Performance Indicator Examples

In an earlier post, we showed how what gets measured gets done! But which Key Performance Indicators would be most useful for your organization? Stakeholders who aren’t involved in the day-to-day operations of the company need information that’s a balance between overview and detail.

What gets measured gets done! The power of KPIs

What gets measured gets done! It's a simple truth that's common knowledge. That's why careful action, consistency, and transparency in measuring and communicating progress are all vital to successful Strategy Execution Management. Measurements drive the right actions, which in turn drive the necessary changes. It’s therefore crucial that KPIs be formulated correctly.

Low Cost, Best product, or Customer Intimacy?

How to choose a strategy that supports your organization’s growth

Formulating a strategy is about insight, direction, and the right solution. According to the greatest pioneers in strategy development research, there are three generic strategies for maintaining a competitive position in the market. The three aren’t mutually exclusive, but a serious strategic effort will prioritize one over the other two.